Sunday, December 12, 2010

Return to Normal

Last Thursday evening, we returned to the normal weekday arrangement of t'fillot. Friday we resumed saying tahanun (putting down of the head). Remember, since the beginning of Hannukah, we did not say tahanun, and we inserted into the amidah a passage about the holidy of which we were in the midst. Additionally, we encountered rosh hodesh Tevet (New moon of Tevet) which meant we also included the ya'aleh v'yavoh section appropriate to those two days.

With the return to a "normal" davening, I believe that it gives us the opportunity to refocus our energies on the davening that appears before us every day in the siddur. It is not uncommon to hear that davening becomes stale when saying the same words repeatedly. I'll admit, I do get excited any time we have additions to the amidah that are related to our location in the calendar, as it provides the framework for a bit of a change in the text of davening. That excitement however, brings a greater appreciation to the normal davening. It allows me to refocus on the words, and I'd like to offer you all the opportunity to do the same.

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